Meet the team!

The last few weeks have been really exciting. We have secured some initial funding, have launched the foundation work of our online marketplace product and… put together a great and highly skilled team of ‘builders’ and ‘designer’s from our partners Digital Natives and think moto

Meet the builders!


Daniel is our lead developer… and our in-house NDC expert! He’s the brain behind the NDC-based API aggregation platform that powers our product, and is leading its development, testing and deployment.


Melinda is our QA. Melinda plays an essential role in making sure that the NDC-based APIs from our partner airlines are fit for purpose, in other words preparing the path for their implementation into our aggregation platform.


Guszti is our front-end developer. Guszti is responsible for bringing to life the many crazy – and not so crazy – design and UX/UI directions and multiple subsequent iterations, which our product people are and will be coming up with.


Behrooz is one of our back-end developers. Behrooz works on our API aggregation platform and ensures that the growing number of APIs we’re dealing with can be easily implemented in our platform, regardless of the NDC version they’re based on.


Mikhail is the latest addition to the team. As a back-end developer, Mikhail is working on the integration of our API distribution platform into our online marketplace, so it fully supports the brand new search and booking experience we’re designing.

Meet the designers!


Jessica is our UX/UI designer. Together with our CPO and co-founder Marco, Jessica has a great and exciting challenge: rethink the experience of buying air travel online, by making simple, transparent and user-centric.


Markus is our visual designer. Markus is bringing the final and a key component into our product equation: excitement. His job is to make sure we get a great sense of what we should expect from our choice of airline, product and services, and fare.


Anna is our product manager. Her job is to make sure that we remain agile as our online marketplace grows in scope and complexity, and work as one team, on the right stuff at the right time.


Rafalea is our intern. Rafalea is helping our visual designer with the many product sketches that we’re and will be producing. She won’t be short of work, we can guarantee this!

Especially if you have registered through our main web page,  very soon you will be able to witness what this great team is capable of, and get a first glimpse at the prototype version of our online marketplace. 

So stay tuned for more exciting news!


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