Problem solved: baggage fees

As we’re working on the prototype of our marketplace, our objective is to tackle, one by one, the deficiencies of online travel agencies or flight search engines. Some of these deficiencies result in minor drawbacks to the end-consumer, while others cause a great deal of annoyance.

One of the first issues we wanted to tackle is baggage fees, i.e. how to make them transparent to our users across many airlines, before they book their flights.

The key question was: should we limit the number of checked bags – and if yes, to how many – that our users can request when they search for flights, so they receive from our partner airlines products and fares inclusive of the cost for the requested number of checked bags.


We contacted some of the airlines we currently work with to ask them about the maximum number of checked bags, which their customers can purchase online when they book flights through their own web site. And that’s when it started to be interesting. You’d think that baggage policy would be more or less aligned across airlines, especially with regards to the maximum number of bags that can be checked in, right?

Far from it. Literally every single airline we contacted has a unique way of dealing with that question. One would allow two pieces of baggage per passenger, another one three, while the next airline would define allowance per booking reference, not per passenger. In some cases, baggage policy is defined per unit on some routes, per weight on others. And obviously, these allowances would vary based on the type of fares, the travel class or your loyalty status.

For the traveller, this usually means spending hours and hours figuring out and comparing the real cost of flights including the number of bags she wants to take along, often enough using a pen and a notepad! And this is only one of the many aspects of the complexity we need to deal with when searching and booking flights.

The good news is: soon you will no longer have to waste your time dealing with such complexity. flyiin will make it easy for you to view and compare fares that are inclusive of the cost of checking in bags – and a whole lot of other services, too.

Simply highlight the number of bags you wish to check in, and we’ll do the math and return the right price, i.e. the total cost for each flight option. All you’ll have to do is select the flight that best meets our schedule, fare and service requirements, and you will be all set.

Stay tuned! We will bring transparency, simplicity and “customer focus” to online air travel. Because this is what flyiin is all about.

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