NDC certification? Checked.

ndc_certified-2Great news from IATA today. The API aggregation platform, which we have built to power our online marketplace, has just been ‘NDC-certified’. For those who have been following us closely during the past months, it shouldn’t come too much as a surprise as we made it very clear from day one that NDC were to be at the core of our technology and of our product.

Still, this new milestone is an excellent occasion to congratulate our great back-end development team in Budapest. In just a couple of months, they’ve built a fully-functional, NDC-compliant API aggregation platform that is capable of accommodating any NDC-based APIs, and normalising them to the latest version of NDC. So Mela, Daniel, Behrooz, Mikhail: well done, this certification is yours!

Big thanks also to our friends at Iberia who provided us with their (very well implemented!) NDC API to get our platform certified.

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