Based in Berlin, Germany, flyiin is an online travel startup that is building an online marketplace for travellers to search and buy flights and any related services directly with their preferred airlines.

By working closely with the airlines and re-defining the very concept of online flight search and booking, flyiin will make it easy for travellers to find the right flight, get the right fare and select the right airline.

flyiin will launch its beta version of its online marketplace for air travel during the second quarter of 2017.

Information about flyiin can be found at flyiin.com.


Behind flyiin is a solid team of founders, advisors and strategic partners:


Stéphane Pingaud (CEO)

Stéphane is the industry expert. Stéphane has spent the past 20 years in travel tech, most notably at Amadeus, where he ran marketing and strategy for the group’s airline distribution business. He also worked as a consultant to IATA’s NDC program for two years.

Marco Spies (CPO)

Marco is the digital interaction expert. Marco has been creating effective user experience for numerous consumer brands for the past 15 years, including in travel. He also founded think moto, a Berlin-based digital strategy and design firm.

Dániel Vamosi (CTO)

Dániel is the tech expert. Dániel has been designing and building software from scratch during the last seven years. He is currently working with a team of four to build a product that is fast, reliable and truly superior to online travel agencies and flight search engines.


Montie Brewer (industry advisor)

Montie Brewer is the former CEO of Air Canada and a member of the Board of SWISS. As industry advisor, Montie supports our mandate to drive the modernisation of airline sales, by providing us with his industry network and expertise.

Holger Taubmann (industry advisor)

Holger Taubmann is the former SVP Distribution of Amadeus. As industry advisor, Holger will help flyiin transition from being an emerging startup to becoming a growth company, and establish our marketplace model as the next big thing in online travel


Digital Natives (technology partner)

Digital Natives is a Budapest-based software development agency, which is responsible for developing, maintaining and enhancing our airline retailing and distribution platform, and connecting it to the NDC APIs of our partner airlines.

think moto (design partner)

think moto is a Berlin-based digital strategy and design firm, which is helping us re-invent the way we are to buy air travel online through established and emerging digital channels.


As we’re new and eager to bring together all who believe that the way we buy air travel online today makes sense, do not hesitate to get in touch at contact@flyiin.com to discuss how to bring transparency, simplicity and excitement to online air travel!